Personal Effects

15365400 mLooking for a proactive, international moving and transportation firm for your upcoming relocation? You've landed at the right place!

Quantum Group has extensive experience helping individuals and families to plan, organize, control and move on a domestic or international basis. We offer world-class relocation services to just about anywhere, including Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Pacific Rim — and we'll be with you every step of the way during the moving process.  

Keys to a Successful Move
Protecting your personal effects during a move is of utmost importance to Quantum. That's why we pay extraordinary attention to pre-planning your project and careful preparation of your cargo to ensure a successful experience.


Here are some important services that we consider to be critical to a successful move:

  • All of the packing materials and cartons we provide to a customer are new because the strength of used boxes has been compromised.
  • We use materials and lift vans that are designed specifically for your relocation. 
  • To ensure that your items are safe and secure during the move, we use lots of inner cushioning to fill all empty spaces in boxes and cartons. We take the time to wrap each item separately and place plenty of padding around them. Skeleton or full crates will be used on awkward or fragile pieces.
  • All china, glass and crystal items receive special attention during the wrapping and packing process.
  • Once packed, all cartons are taped across the top, bottom and all sides to provide additional support for the contents.
  • All rugs and carpets are rolled and wrapped individually.
  • Each individual box, lift van and crate is bar-coded, numbered and labeled with the customer's name, origin and destination. The inventory list is created at the origination point, and the client receives their own copy. At the destination point, the same inventory list is presented by our delivering agent, and the client signs for each piece as it is transferred into their residence.
  • Any items that are not suitable for packing will be identified and discussed with you prior to your move.
  • For overseas shipments, items are carefully containerized for export. Based on the size of your shipment, its handling requirements and your destination, there are several types of containers and shipping methods that may be utilized. 

Your Quantum representative can recommend various packing services and offer advice to help you. Discover all that sets us apart from other international relocation firms — experience the Quantum1World difference yourself on your next international move!